Natural Movement Pattern Training


Spinal problems have a naughty feature: they return from time to time, or they appear at a different section of the spine. The aim of NMPT is to prevent this with cutting out the wrong movement patterns that people have years before the symptoms of spinal problems appear.
NMPT is an up-to-date and straightforward way of protecting your spine. It’s based on research and evidence, and helps you correct wrong movement patterns, therefore spine-and joint problems can be avoided.
NMPT is highly recommended, if:
-        you want to avoid having spine-and joint pains
-        you have already suffered from herniated disc and would like to avoid having another one
-        you want to enjoy sport in a spine – friendly way
-        you are getting older but still want to move youthfully
-        you do not believe in “magic pills” but look for an effective preventive solution
NMPT – Natural Movement Pattern Training is a way of reprogramming our body, to restore natural movement patterns. It’s a set of special exercises that consists of stretches and muscle reactivating movements. The aim is to activate muscles that are weakened, lost their function and teach the nervous system to switch these muscles back; and relax the ones that are shortened and tense. This will help restoring the balance of muscles which will lead to good posture and pain free movement.
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